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Laurelle is a singer songwriter who’s passion for creating meaningful music has taken on many incarnations over the years. From joining every choir possible in school, to venturing out as a solo singer songwriter, forming a trio of troubadours with The Red Deers, recording and touring with Alberta’s own folk music master Bill Bourne, her long time collaborations with Bass player Carl Stretton (C-note), & recent collaborations with guitarist and songwriter Adam Kidd, Laurelle’s love for musical expression runs deep! She seamlessly blends folk, jazz, & soul influences into her own contemporary, yet timeless sound.

Having shared stages with the likes of Bill Bourne, Bedouin Soundclash, The Wailin Jenny's, Jeniva Magnus, Chumba Wumba, Peter Yarrow, and more, Laurelle is a seasoned performer with the ability to captivate & transport her audience.

As an autistic musician, she's also an advocate for autism awareness & acceptance, and hopes to use any influence garnered, to draw positive attention to the autism community. Her recent songwriting intimately explores her own journey of late ASD diagnoses, and specifically the process of "unmasking" and exploring the hidden layers of the authentic self.

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