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Laurelle, a singer-songwriter whose profound passion for crafting meaningful music has evolved through various stages over the years. From eagerly joining every choir available to embarking on a journey as a singer-songwriter, and later forming a trio of troubadours with The Red Deers, Laurelle's musical odyssey has been rich and diverse. Notably, she recorded and toured with Alberta's folk music luminary, Bill Bourne, and established longstanding collaborations with bass player Carl Stretton (C-note) and guitarist-songwriter Adam Kidd. Her musical expression effortlessly merges folk, jazz, and soul influences into a contemporary yet timeless sound.

For Laurelle, music transcends mere passion; it's an essential part of her existence, akin to breathing. Singing and songwriting serve as her means of navigating life's complexities, allowing her to process an abundance of thoughts and emotions inherent in the human experience. The result is a continually expanding repertoire of original material that resonates deeply with a diverse audience.

Having graced stages alongside esteemed artists such as Bill Bourne, Bedouin Soundclash, The Wailin Jenny's, Jeniva Magnus, Chumba Wumba, and Peter Yarrow, Laurelle is a seasoned performer with an unparalleled ability to captivate and transport her audience.

Beyond her musical endeavors, Laurelle is a passionate advocate for autism awareness and acceptance. As an autistic musician, she endeavors to utilize her platform to shine a positive light on the autism community. Her recent songwriting delves intimately into her journey with late ASD diagnosis, exploring the intricate process of "unmasking" and uncovering the layers of authentic self. Through her artistry and advocacy, Laurelle aims to foster greater understanding and appreciation for neurodiversity in society.

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Artist CV

Performance Experience

Recording/Studio Experience

-Performed as a solo singer songwriter for live shows ranging from weddings, corporate events, porch concerts, bars, and live music venues, to festival stages 

-Performed as a singer/Guitarist/Percussionist in multiple projects including Plastique, The Red Deer’s, the C-note and friends Jazz trio, the Fender Benders, Mount Flower, and the Soho Therapy Jam Band 

-Provided back up vocals and guitar for Bill Bourne on 2007 Canadian festival tour

-Competed live and placed in the top 25 of International music competition The Shot 2018

-Live radio performance and interview CJSR Edmonton 2024

-Recorded first full length original solo album, Inside in 2000 under Impact Entertainment.                                                    

-Recorded independent demo CD with the band Plastique, 2002
-Recorded independent solo self titled EP, 2004
-Recorded EP with The Red Deers at Homestead Recording Studio, 2006                                                                               -Recorded backup vocals on the Bill Bourne album Boontang, 2007
-Currently working on funding and recording new material

Other Music Related Experience

Music Educator/Business Owner - 2019-present
-Teaching voice lessons, Mini Milestones & Crescendo Music Studios
-Teaching early childhood music education, Mini Milestones & Crescendo Music Studios                                                          -ASD Music Enrichment Sessions, Mini Milestones


"I saw her last night and she was AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!"

*Alt YEG Magazine

"A gift􏰈ed songw􏰏ri􏰈ter,􏰂 an accomplished ins􏰈tru􏰋ment􏰈alis􏰈􏰂t, and armed 􏰏with a soaring 􏰎vocal range,􏰂 Laurelle 􏰏weaves a rich and colorfu􏰋l 􏰈tapes􏰈ry􏰍 of life t􏰈hro􏰋ugh cat􏰈ch􏰍y melodies􏰂 clever l􏰍yrics and hooky􏰍 riffs􏰐."

                   *Rhea March - Artist Development Consultant,                        New Artist Presenter, Radio Host & Producer CJSR

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